Employee Satisfaction Survey

How happy are your employees with the challenges of their work, their work environment and their managers?

As it becomes increasingly more difficult to retain excellent, engaged employees, business owners must evaluate their mode of operation, management approach and work environment to be sure they are giving employees every chance to do their jobs well and enjoy their work. But how do you measure something as subjective as whether or not your employees are satisfied with their job and happy to come to work each day?

A Employee Satisfaction Survey measure and quantify these seemingly intangible perceptions and provide informative data to guide your management staff toward changes that make each employee's work environment more inviting, positive and productive. A well designed Employee Satisfaction Survey can zero in on specific departments - even individual managers -- where employees feel their ability to work is inhibited by policy, supervisory technique or inadequate tools to do the job. The Employee Satisfaction Survey data can then help you plan how to correct the problems.

A Employee Satisfaction Survey will identify actionable areas for improvement within the structure, operation and management of your business. The keyword here is "actionable" because the true value of your Employee Satisfaction Survey is in the plans and policies you implement based upon what you learn from the responses of your employees.

A Employee Satisfaction Survey can also show you where your employees believe they are operating at their peak, so you can compare productivity and service metrics to employee perceptions for a clearer picture of what is working well within your environment.

A Employee Satisfaction Survey provides accurate data quantifying your employees' perceptions, and can be generalized to the company as a whole or specific to any one department, franchise or location. Your ability to target localized problems, implement individualized solutions and measure precise results allows you to focus your resources exactly where they will do the most good, without unnecessary company wide policy shifts.

rjs data group can customize your Employee Satisfaction Survey that gives you the tools to ensure lower turnover, better customer service and higher growth rates for your business.

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