More than salary, benefits and other perks, leaders, and associates want to feel influential in their positions with your organization. Whether at the home office or in the field, you need leaders who are or quickly become closely aligned with your corporate culture, goals, and objectives. Leaders and associates who are satisfied with their work environment, who feel that upper management listens to them, and who feel they are well supported by the corporation are more engaged and productive and exert a more positive influence on their staff, all leading to a better bottom line.

Leadership Engagement Surveys are designed to measure and quantify the work-related perceptions of these critical leaders and provide extensive data about their professional and personal relationship with the corporation, their satisfaction with home office support for their efforts and their ideas for improvement within their sphere of influence. Properly targeted Leadership Engagement Surveys also can hone in on localized issues which can give you the data you need to improve growth and revenue, staff retention and customer relations for individual sites.

Leadership Engagement Surveys will show you how well your leaders in the field align with corporate culture, whether they clearly understand corporate goals and objectives as well as how they exemplify and communicate these values to their front-line staff who deal directly with your customers.

Leadership Engagement Surveys can give you actionable areas for improvement to help you develop a high-performance team of leadership personnel. The keyword here is "actionable" because the true value of your Leadership Engagement Survey is in the steps you take based on what you learn from the responses you receive.

rjs data group can customize a Leadership Engagement Survey that gives you the tools to ensure that your leaders are living your corporate culture while promoting your objectives and policies, producing growth and profitability companywide over the long term.

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A talented staff gives you a major source of differentiation. Achieving this advantage or edge through people requires that your organization successfully attracts and retains talent by engaging the spirit of your employees at all levels.