Strategic Alliance

In a unique collaboration of talents RJS Hospitality Solutions, LLC and CO2 Consulting Group, Inc. came together to create the rjs data group.

RJS Hospitality Solutions, LLC brings over 20 years of Hospitality Industry experience into this partnership. Specializing in helping management companies focus on developing their employees into successful revenue generators and revenue managers. Along with this experience came the realization of the true competitive edge. This competitive edge comes from employees and their ability to develop and communicate within the organization.

CO2 Consulting Group is a privately held corporation with over 20 years of custom software development, focusing on client empowered internet applications. CO2 Consulting Group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as the latest technologies into this partnership.

Employee Engagement

Leadership Teams

Corporate Office

Increase Engagement At Every Level

A talented staff gives you a major source of differentiation. Achieving this advantage or edge through people requires that your organization successfully attracts and retains talent by engaging the spirit of your employees at all levels.